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จัดฝึกอบรมสอนภาษอังกฤษให้กับพนักงานขับรถของ GRAB TAXI จังหวัดเชียงใหม่




  • To create awareness of the composition of being successful

  • To be able to see the value of the service

  • To realize productive attitude, skill and habit that is necessary for work/service success


Training Methodology


30% Lecture 20% Group Discussion 50% Practice




The Importance of Being a Grab Taxi Driver

This topic will help the drivers understand about their roles of being a driver and be able to see the

whole picture of being a taxi driver that they can create more value in their career.



Why is Service Important?

They will learn how to add service value to their jobs. This topic will open their eyes that nowadays most businesses are focusing on service and how the service can change the entire business.


It will surprise them, as service is not only an action but can also be an application, a vehicle, cleanliness, atmosphere, communication and location.



Design Your Own 3 Steps of Service

They will learn how to create their own service style. This topic will help them to understand the importance of open service, during service and end service. These steps will help them to work easier. In this topic, I will give them a lot of tips on how to service more and earn more tips from a client.






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